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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Multipurpose Container Not For Sale

Sometimes kids are just so creative and funny...don't you think so...tengok la apa dah jadi...it was a fun day when i went to chiko's house...just a visit after I received an annoucement about unexpected chiko's (my biras) pregnancy....lalala...kena tambah angpau tahun depan.

Cool...Orin playing in front of tv while her cousin, Aisy concentrating watching cartoon - as his mom said, the same cartoon again and again....juz can't recall the title...it is supposed to be toys container rite? look at the green one....

then a very brilliant idea came.....a very good idea from mat smart, aisy

netball? erm...orait...having fun huhh? Mr Shooter, aisy zahwan

Finally........kena marah dengan mommy dia....see the crack?
and....where is the best place to hide
this is what we call.....

a multipurpose container
but..it's not for sale okay


Fyzal said...

it is just surprising that kids really have different ways of thinking from an adults.

sometimes what they're thinking never come across our mind.

p/s: when I was a kid I used to ask my mom - "kenapa orang panggil ibu pejabat, bukan bapak pejabat?" :)

suzzsuzie said...

erm..so cute kan? erm bapak pejabat....sbb tu la ksuz dah standby dengan buku 1I Wonder Why' by Grolier

kak ina kl said...

alahai sanggup anak kamu duduk kat situ..muat pulak tu..sabar ajerlah tenguk kerenah anak-anak..

nanti bila dia dah besar tentu menjadi kenangan terindah.

suzzsuzie said...

kak ina kl: memang terindah la sangat..boleh baca blog lagi

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