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Thursday, April 15, 2010

BBQ @ 19 Jalan 2

It was very fun day.....actually it wasn't a planned bbq session...Tah mcamana lepas balik beli groceries..hub ajak wat bbq dgn kids sumer.. i apalg mmg suka la coz dh lama x de sesi2 bbq ni...about few month dah x buat.
Then lps asar, i ingt nak marinate fish & chicken sumer la..OMG ...surprising me coz it's ol done...a secret recepy from hub...katanya rahsia..ok fine...kedekut ilmu ek...
Mlm tu dia antar ol that marinated stuff to be grilled the next day to his mum's hse..nak buat kt tmn murni plak..ok..ok..another fine from me..
MIL juz masak nasik & buat sup telor...& kids started to grill ols the very fine & nicely wrapped talapia and chicken...ops..not forgetting the sausages....
Mission completed.......

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